03 Feb 2006 19:19 Subscribe

New mailinglist and IRC channel for topics regarding the Powersave daemon

We are really making progress with bringing the Powersave daemon into the community. There are already about 15 subscribers on the powersave devel list. Due to this increasing number, I set up a new mailinglist powersave-users@forge.novell.com. There should be handled all kind of so called 'user support'. Everything related to development should be handled on powersave-devel. This announcement was made on several mailing lists to reach as much interested people as possible. We (the powersave team ;-)) invite everybody to take part in developing the Powersave daemon. I'm really happy to see that we get more and more feedback from other distributions like Fedora, KUbuntu or Debian. Let's continue that way… Additionally. I registered a channel #powersave at freenode. Let's see if anyone, except Danny ;-), joins. Have fun, Holger


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