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Time for blogging…

There really happened much the last time, although the last post is nearly one month ago. Sorry for that (if anyone is interested in what I am writing at all ;-) The most time consuming was my trip to FOSDEM at Brussels. I spent much time with the preparations of a talk I had toghether with Timo Honig about Powermanagement. Slides are already available at opensuse wiki. Videos should also be uploaded soon. Hmm, for me, having a talk in english for the first time, I am satisfied with the result. We had a little break with technical problems in the middle of the talk, but all in all, it was ok. I mean, for a kraut having a talk in english the first time in his life, I did not expect more ;-) But the even more important impressions were the people I met. I met Fred Blaise (blog, yes, he has one, unlike Timo ;-) ). a friend of Timo from France, aehm, the USA, Belgium or whatever ;-). I really hope to meet him again some day, having a beer, or two, or three… Dominic Rath, also a friend of Timo gave a talk in the embedded devel room. I'm still not sure what he was exactly talking about, but the other embedded freaks listening seemed to be really impressed ;-) Back in Nurnberg, the main thing I've done is maintaining the powersave daemon. And I mean real maintenance. Not much development, only integrating patches, branching, merging, releasing and so on. We have know support for suspend2 and the socalled hibernate scripts out of the box. Unfortunately, it seems too late to get the Powersave daemon as a default powermanagement solution for the Ubuntu Dapper release. That would really be great and I would like to help in any regard to make this possible. But it's not my decision ;-) I'm also currently evaluating multicore support for Powersave. Many of the newer laptops are shipped with two cores already, and it will become even more important in the future. So it would be great to have only one core activated when running on battery and having full power when running on ac. Hopefully I will find some time for integration into the Powersave schemes soon. Finally, again promising that I will blog more regulary in future, don't forget to have a lot of fun! Holger


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