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Screen capturing with vnc2swf

Looking for a screen capturing software this evening, I finally found vnc2swf which works quite well. I only tried the C version because I was too lazy to solve all those python dependencies and I have no good rpm repository at home. Just a short guide for anyone who wants to try:

  1. Download vnc2swf from here
  2. Compile and install it
  3. Start a vnc server like that: `vncserver :1 -geometry 640x480

-depth 16`

  1. Execute the following command to start recording: `vnc2swf

-startrecording -geometry 640:480 out.swf :1 > out.html`

  1. Play the resulting html file in your favourite browser which supports shockwave flash

If you like to see how a possible result might look like, watch my live demonstration about LibQNotify. LibQNotify is an very easy to use QT library to pop up information on the desktop. There also comes along a command line tool and daemon. Have a look at the project page for more information. The video is not perfect because the frame drops are too high in some cases. So be sure that in reality everything is very smooth ;-)


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