26 Feb 2007 21:06 Subscribe


FOSDEM was great. Attended some interesting talks like one about KDE4, Andrew Morton talking about trends in linux kernel development, Open Hardware Manager and of course a lot of openSUSE talks. Like the one from Timo about libthinkfinger or the one from Daniel about opensync.

But more important are the people you meet. Hacking the whole year, writing and answering mails or chatting, and you actually never know to whom you are talking. It is hard enough to know what you are talking about ;-)

Well, and I discovered some really nice feature on the n800 called red pill mode. Usually the application manager does not show you all the library and system packages and does not offer many features for advanced users. But with turning on red pill mode, you get them all. Turning on blue pill mode makes them go away again. This would actually be a great idea for the two biggest desktops. GNOME has too less options, KDE too many. With a system like this, you would solve the main issue both desktops have IMHO.

Having some free days now, using for a trip to Amsterdam with my girlfriend, until hard work for the upcoming exams at university starts. No fun :-(


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