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Hack Week

So Hack Week is finally there. I'll limit my studies to a minimum this week. Why? To work on a cool idea. Unfortunately, I'm still undecided about which idea I'll be working on :-( Here are my favourites (copy&pasted from tomboy):

  • HAL Audio Metadata (own daemon?)
  • Add remote control for presentations along with support for the N800. Unfortunately, I still don't have back my N800 from repair because of the display sensivity issue. I'm missing it already since 5 weeks!
  • Mediacenter, especially mpd, link
  • laptop access panel: link
  • Bootsplash support could be in 10.3. link
  • Desktop profiler, link
  • WOL enablement link, link
  • evolution plugin to allow an external editor (feature? Bug?)
  • qnotifyd network support
  • libqnotify integration into KDE4
  • powersave user binary extensions: Plain C, daemon mode, idle detection, libqnotify linkage? (link)
  • Harware configuration made easy: link


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