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Maemo Music Player Client 0.2.1

I finally managed to get to work on MMPC after quite some time. MMPC 0.1 was 2007-11-14 08:45 (wow, that was pretty early in morning :-))


Well, mmpc-0.2.1 is available for immediate consumption. Changes, which were major concerns until now, are:

  • New buttons and images, finally. And a new logo you can see above.
  • Add tap-and-hold functionality to more places. For example, it's now possible to update the database from within the client.
  • Add scroll windows to all preference tabs to display the full content.
  • Bold the currently played track.
  • Increase connection timeout to 3 seconds. This will hopefully solve the strange disconnect issues I wasn't able to reproduce.
  • Fixed tree browsing in playlist browser.

Fresh screenshots can be found here. Packages are available from the extras repository. So most people will get the update automatically (if anything goes wrong, try to enable red pill mode). Otherwise, grab them from garage.

Next things will include the support for some plugins. Please report any problems. Happy listening!


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