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GNOME Docker 0.1 Released

Finally I managed to release gnome-docker 0.1, a small application to support users using a docking station. It is already included in openSUSE 11.0, but other pending things prevented me to do a public release earlier. One of these things is the self designed tray icon :-). I definitely have to look for a better alternative. The README should have all the necessary information:

GNOME docker 0.1

GNOME application for notifying laptop users about the state of their dock station and the possibility to undock the system via software, either from the tray icon, or via a hotkey. In future, it will also care about hotpluggable devices placed on the dock station, such as hard drives and DVD/CD drives.

It is meant to be well designed and to fit into the GNOME desktop. So an important aim for gnome-docker is to be shipped with GNOME upstream. It is still in early development.

Currently, it has the following features:

  • tray icon showing the current status and with functionality to undock a laptop
  • handling of hotkeys to undock a laptop (e.g. FN-F9 on ThinkPads)
  • xrandr support to enable/disable external outputs attached to the dock station (experimental, evaluating how it fits there)
  • user notifications about the state of the dock station. E.g.: "Now it's safe to remove the laptop"


As gnome-docker forges ahead, the linux kernel has to improve and has to provide sensible date for userspace to make use of, like exporting which devices are inside a dock station.




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