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"GreenIT: Power Consumption and -Optimization of PCs"

In the middle of last year, I participated in a seminar called "GreenIT" at university. The result was a 17 paged whitepaper called "GreenIT: Power Consumption and -Optimization of PCs". It took quite some time to finish this up, so it would be a waste of time if I would not publish it. A shortened table of contents looks like this:

  1. Introduction
  2. ACPI
  3. System as a Whole
  4. System Components
  5. Software Policies
  6. Conclusion

Please note: If you are only interested in how things are implemented in Linux, this might not be that interesting for you. It does not include any specific operating system details. It's rather general, although of a technical nature, and thus can be applied to any operating system out there.

If you are lazy of reading through the whole document, you might consider having a look at the corresponding presentation slides. However, you need to be able to speak, or at least to read, the German language for the slides to be useful for you.


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