24 Feb 2009 08:56 Subscribe

Maemo Music Player Client (MMPC) for Diablo

Finally I took the time to respond to multiple requests about providing mmpc 0.2.1 packages for Diablo. That also gave me the possibility to try the maemo autobuilder to upload my packages to the extras repository. And well, it worked out. It's especially useful for those people not running debian based systems, because with autobuilder you don't have to care about signing and uploading the packages with debian tools like debsign and dput.

So, this is not a new release, these are just new packages build for the Diable 4.1 distribution. I still did not manage to find the time to enhance mmpc further. There are just too many other things like work and university I have to care about. Either download the packages from Maemo Garage, or just get it through the extras repository as usual.


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